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Custom Piracy Impact Analysis
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Knowledge is Power

Take control of your software applications with our comprehensive telemetry and business intelligence solutions. Precisely identify who, where, and how your software applications are being accessed and ensure users are properly licensed and authorized. We can help you make well-informed decisions on the best way to correct licensing problems and protect your customers from unfair competition.

Dedicated Support & Updates

SmartFlow is constantly developing innovative technologies to stay ahead of the curve. Counterfeit software, key generators, and dongle emulators are all over the internet. And as new piracy techniques emerge to circumvent and undermine your application security, we can help you stay on top of the situation. Our comprehensive upgrades and responsive support team are here to help. 

Actionable Intelligence

If you’re overwhelmed by confusing data sets and uncorrelated evidence, SmartFlow can focus your license compliance team's efforts on the cases that matter most. Our proprietary matching algorithms and data-enrichment services will transform your complex big-data challenges into clear and coherent cases. We deliver the actionable intelligence you can trust.