A new kind of software company

SmartFlow Compliance Solutions (SCS) was created to help software vendors combat piracy, copyright infringement and under-compliance with automated tools that minimize the resources needed to identify software abuse and tackle revenue recovery. Over a decade in development, SmartFlow identification and analysis software represents the best practices of license compliance programs within the world’s leading companies, providing customers with insight on how infringement affects their business, customers, and profits.

Automated Case Management Today’s advanced information gathering technologies can deliver terabytes of data, but how to organize and leverage that data in a meaningful way is an ongoing problem. SmartFlow is the only purpose-built database solution that can take all the complex “big data” and automatically develop clear, coherent, and reliable cases, enabling customers to pursue and prosecute infringers with the confidence that results in a favorable outcome. The SmartFlow proprietary algorithms provide automation, eliminating error-prone manual work and enabling seamless, efficient, and reliable case management.

Upgrades and Support SCS is extremely passionate about protecting intellectual property. We know the pain of combating software piracy and we work diligently to ensure our customers are successful in their identification and recovery efforts by constantly innovating our technology to stay ahead of the curve. We back that technology up by providing the best support in the business and delivering frequent updates and enhancements to our core products.