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Swashbuckling Hero: SAAS Saves on Premise Firms from Piracy

You can mark the beginning of the modern software industry in the mid-70s, with the launch of the Apple II, TRS-80, and various CPM systems as coterminous with the dawn of software piracy. Copying software san license, permission, and payment has always been prevalent and ubiquitous in the business, Read Full Article Read Full Article

FishFry with Amelia Dalton

Their bow shreds the digital waves like a knife. They will take no prisoners. It’s the thrill of the kill they seek and they will stop at nothing until the software is theirs. In this week’s Fish Fry, we arethwarting those dastardly cyber pirates with a mighty sword - a SmartFlow sword.Ted Miracco, CEO of SmartFlow Compliance Solutions, joins Fish Fry and we’re diving into the deep murky waters of Read Full Article

5 Minutes with Ted Miracco

SmartFlow is focused on software piracy, trying to keep software company's IP from being used without the consent of their owner. There are many categories of "pirates," ranging from soft pirates, those that are doing something somewhat illegally, but likely won't go to jail, to those that just steal the software for their own profit. As company CEO Ted Miracco explains, SmartFlow has the tools to Read Full Article

Phone Tech Has Line On Piracy

SmartFlow Compliance's helps devices make call on legality of usage. The SmartFlow technology is designed to be embedded in other companies' software, and can detect when and where the software has been hacked or is being used without a license. Read Full Article Read Full Article

SmartFlow Compliance Solutions: Taking the Offensive on Software Piracy

Software companies who lose their products to theft and piracy no longer want to just buck up and get past it, particularly in EDA. Instead, they want tools and strategies to go after their adversaries. The newly launched startupSmartFlow Compliance Solutions, just announced last week, is planning to offer such tools. Read Full Article Read Full Article

New products of the week 11.16.2015

SmartFlow Professional or SmartFlow Enterprise programs provide everything a company needs to establish an in-house compliance program. Armed with actionable information about the theft of its IP, businesses can easily enforce compliance and recover lost revenue. Read Full Article Read Full Article

SmartFlow Debuts Compliance Solution

SmartFlow Compliance Solutionshas debuted its tool to help companies combat intellectual property (IP) theft and establish in-house compliance program. Once implemented, SmartFlow’s software can detect, identify and analyze data to provide insight on how non-compliance and piracy is affecting business. Read Full Article Read Full Article

SmartFlow Gives Application Developers Key Advantages Against Piracy

SmartFlow Compliance Solutions has emerged from stealth with a line of products designed to promote compliance; identify and report on non-compliance and piracy; and provide actionable information to businesses, enabling them to recover lost revenue. Software piracy for many has become something of a forgotten issue. With the transition away from installation media and towards software enforced li Read Full Article

New Compliance Solution Helps Developers Tackle Software Piracy

A recent study by the Business Software Alliance estimated that 43 percent of software installed today is not properly licensed, which equates to more than $63 billion in lost revenue. SmartFlow Compliance Solutions is launching an innovative solution designed to help companies combat intellectual property theft and establish effective in-house compliance programs."Software piracy is becoming a ra Read Full Article

Can SmartFlow Compliance Solutions Solve the Software Piracy Problem?

Software piracy is a multibillion dollar problem which can be difficult to protect against. A new company, SmartFlow Compliance Solutions is helping to solve this problem and the following is an interview with CEO Ted Miracco. Read Full Article Read Full Article

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