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SmartFlow Partners with Leading EDA and Semiconductor IP Provider to Develop Customized Compliance Program

December 13, 2016

"SmartFlow developers are focused on the holistic aspects of a compliance program, not just on recovering as much revenue as possible. We need to be very careful of our customer relationships and SmartFlow provides the detailed information needed to make accurate decisions about who to after and how aggressive to be."

White Paper: Using Cultural Intelligence to Enhance Your Compliance Program

December 01, 2016

There are fundamental differences in values, behaviors, and attitudes that are expressed in cultures worldwide, and these have a significant impact on decision-making processes in business situations between different countries. Attitudes differ toward corporate accountability, due dilligence, bribery, hiring, and more, resulting in a situation where there is no "one size fits all" behaviour that […]

Our First Annual EDA/CAD Anti-Piracy Summit Was a Hit!

November 11, 2016

The first annual SmartFlow EDA/CAD Anti-Piracy Summit, held on November 2, 2016 and co-hosted by Keysight Technologies at its headquarters in Santa Rosa California, was a huge success! Thank you to all who participated!

Guest Blog: Cyber Piracy-Don’t Wait for the Government to Come to the Rescue

October 26, 2016

This guest blog is contributed by David Locke Hall, keynote speaker at SmartFlow’s upcoming November 2, 2016 Anti-Piracy Summit. Hall is the author of CRACK99: The Takedown of a $100M Chinese Software Pirate, an electrifying story of the takedown of a $100 million Chinese software pirate.

Five "Dos and Don'ts" for Protecting Your Software From Piracy

October 06, 2016

SmartFlow has just posted a new best practices document to help software vendors better protect their software from piracy. Here are our five tips:

Crack99: The Story of a Sting Operation That Took Down a $100M Chinese Software Piracy Operation

September 13, 2016

For more than a decade I have been highly concerned that valuable software intellectual property (IP), developed primarily by U.S.-based corporations, is being stolen by foreign corporations and governments for use in both military and commercial applications. As co-founder of an electronic design automation (EDA) company that developed software used for electronic warfare, guidance, and communica […]

SmartFlow Helps Major EDA Company Build Successful Compliance Program

September 01, 2016

This leading EDA software developer is focused on helping customers build great products that connect the world. When it discovered its software was being pirated, it began looking for solutions to stop the piracy.

SmartFlow Professional 2016 is Here!

July 26, 2016

Joins SmartFlow Enterprise 2016 to Offer Software Vendors Enhanced Compliance Case Management and Revenue Recovery

How SmartFlow Compliance is Different From A License Management Solution

June 06, 2016 Blog

by Ted Miracco, SmartFlow CEO Software piracy, counterfeit licenses, and unauthorized usage are all growing problems for software developers. Many companies have decided to move forward with a license compliance (LC) program or some type of anti-piracy technology rather than just ignoring the problem and wishing it would go away.

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