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Industry Expert Graham Kill Comments on Piracy and Data Privacy

November 16, 2019 Cybersecurity, Data Security

SmartFlow Executive Chairman Graham Kill sat down at the recent SmartFlow Anti-Piracy and License Compliance Summit for a video interview to share his thoughts on software piracy and data privacy. As former CEO of Irdeto, a Netherlands digital platform security company, Graham has been dealing with piracy on a global scale for over 30 years.

Making an Impact Where it Matters Most

by Michele Stefano, Business Development Manager, SmartFlow  We recently wrapped our 6th annual SmartFlow Anti-Piracy & License Compliance Summit, our best to date, and we have many exciting things to talk about.  SmartFlow is making a worldwide impact on the protection of software intellectual property (IP) and license compliance (LC).

A Data Breach Doesn’t Just Happen. It’s Planned for!

SmartFlow Summit Speaker Highlight #4 SmartFlow Data Protection Officer Lanre Oluwatona will be speaking at the SmartFlow Software Anti-Piracy and License Compliance Summit on the topic of "Data Privacy and Your Rights." In this blog he discusses issues companies have when implementing a data privacy and protection strategy and shares his experiences guiding SmartFlow itself through the process.

Summit Speaker David Laufman Shares Expertise in Chinese Economic Espionage Speech

SmartFlow Summit Speaker Highlight #3 David Laufman, partner at Wiggin and Dana law firm and former chief of the Counterintelligence and Export Control Section of the National Security Division at the Department of Justice (DOJ),  will be a keynote speaker at the upcoming SmartFlow Software Piracy and License Compliance Summit and will discuss “Keeping Secrets:  Confronting the Threat of Economic […]

Emerging Tech Companies: It's Not Your Uncle's Dot Com Regulatory Environment Anymore for Privacy and Data Security

SmartFlow Summit Speaker Highlight #2 This blog is part of our ongoing series highlighting the work of anti-piracy and cyber security experts who will be presenting at our upcoming 2019 Smartflow Software Anti-Piracy and License Compliance Summit. John B. Kennedy, a partner at the law firm of Wiggin and Dana and an expert on new regulatory schemes such as the European Union (EU) General Data Prote […]

A New Idea for Fighting Chinese Theft of American Defense Technology

July 17, 2019

SmartFlow Summit Speaker Highlight #1 The following excerpt is from a recent article in War on the Rocks, a platform for analysis, commentary, debate and multimedia content on foreign policy and national security issues. The author, Kevin Carroll, is a partner in Wiggin and Dana’s litigation department and before joining the firm reported to the White House Chief of Staff and Secretary of Homeland […]

SmartFlow R&D Roundtable Discussion Inspires New Technologies for Fighting Piracy and Leveraging Artificial Intelligence

June 20, 2019

Software companies often focus so directly on researching and developing new features that they fail to understand the value of ongoing customer interaction. R&D is siloed within software development, while sales and marketing are responsible for customer interactions. At SmartFlow, we’ve learned the important lesson that R&D organizations also need to be involved in customer interactions. R&D nee […]

Digital Millennium Copyright Act and Telemetry Data Prove Effective for EDA Vendors in Anti-Piracy Lawsuits

Electronic design automation (EDA) software development leaders Synopsys, Inc. and Cadence Design Systems recently settled copyright infringement cases using the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), providing hope to the industry that software piracy can be addressed with the right evidence and legal process. Both cases before the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California wer […]

Best Practices: Using Data Analytics to Drive Sales Engagements and Maximize Revenue

February 04, 2019

By Kyle Lynch, Director of Sales, SmartFlow Many software sales teams are just getting back from the excitement of the annual kick-off meetings. All of the new products, strategies, competitive analysis, and motivational speeches are fading into the background and the realization that January has come and gone, and the quotas are higher than ever is settling in! One of the tangible actions compani […]

Creative Licensing--Another Form of Software Piracy

December 17, 2018 Blog

By Ross Semplice, Regional Sales Manager, SmartFlow Compliance Solutions Frequently heard terms such as “software piracy,” “cracked software,” and “counterfeit licenses” all sound very harsh and very illegal, which in fact, they are. Another form of software abuse that is talked about less often is something called “creative licensing,” which is just as illegal as counterfeit licenses.

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