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Custom Piracy Impact Analysis


How SmartFlow Works

Software piracy not only costs software enterprises millions in terms of lost revenues, it undermines the economy by giving companies who use software without paying for it an unfair advantage over those who build the purchase of software into their cost of doing business. Our mission is to help our clients minimize unfair competition — and potentially harmful financial repercussions within their market — by creating an economically sound and competitively fair playing field for the business community.

The most technologically-advanced and globally far-reaching solution available, SmartFlow helps software vendors combat piracy and under compliance. We have developed innovative detection, identification, and analysis software that intuitively generates the facts and provides insight to clients on how non-compliance and piracy are affecting their business, customers, and profits. Our automated tools minimize the resources needed to identify software abuse and efficiently tackle the revenue recovery process.


SmartFlow Enterprise 2019

SmartFlow Enterprise 2019 is a complete solution that includes business analytics, lead generation, customizable reporting, an open application programing interface, (API) and integration with Salesforce.com. 
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SmartFlow Professional 2019

SmartFlow Professional 2019 is the perfect entry-level solution that provides everything an SMB needs to begin or expand an effective license compliance solution. Armed with SmartFlow, companies can persuade unlicensed users to become paying customers or take necessary action against IP theft and copyright infringement.
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SmartFlow Software Development Kit

Protecting licensed software has always been a challenge, as virtually every license manager on the market has been circumvented. Adding complexity seems to only inhibit and challenge legitimate licensed users. Software vendors are moving towards server-based licensing in recognition that traditional protection methods have failed to be an effective safeguard. The SmartFlow SDK provides an additional layer of protection by monitoring your application and ensuring it is being used in compliance with your licensing terms. Finding new ways to identify and convert unlicensed users into paying clients is the approach more and more companies are taking in lieu of relying solely on traditional license protection systems.


SmartFlow Consulting Services

SmartFlow provides comprehensive consulting services to help you build an effective investigation process. We will train your employees in our specialized negotiation skills, combining the latest legal knowledge with sensitivity to cultural differences that can convert deadlocks into mutually beneficial settlements. We have extensive experience in compliance management and will instill best practices within your group such that they can successfully navigate the myriad of challenges that stand in the way of revenue recovery and positive long-term customer relationships.